Thursday, August 10, 2006

I listened to David Francis talk show, radio WGNU in St. Louis, about Cuba, tonight at 9 PM.
Mr. Francis had two guests from Miami: Francisco Aruca (never heard of him before,) and Henry Gómez (I read his blog, Cuban-American Pundits.)

Mr. Aruca sounded like a fellow traveler at best, and he could be worse than that. His comments in regards to dissidents in Cuba were a shame.

I liked Mr. Gómez arguments, particularly those in regards to the embargo. President Carter said during his visit to Cuba: "... these restraints (the embargo) are not the source of Cuba's economic problems. Cuba can trade with more than 100 countries, and buy medicines, for example, more cheaply in México than in the United States..." I would ad that Castro's Cuba buys on credit but skips paying in many instances. There is a laundry list of unpaid balances to countries and companies that are in default at a total of several billion dollars. As Mr. Gómez said, Cuba is a poor credit risk.