Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Mi libro "Cuba's Primer - Castro's Earring Economy" puede comprarse en Amazon. Ver el enlace siguiente:


Not only did I learn a great deal of new facts. I thoroughly enjoyed how Mr. Fernandez weaves his life through Cuba's history. I also love the earring description and use it all the time now. This should be mandatory reading for Cuban-Americans that don't have all the facts. Also, a must read for our kids.
Janet González
Cuban American
New York, NY

Your use of “Earring” to describe Castro’s economy is amusing, yet I know it is deadly serious. Restoring the work ethic to prior Castro levels may take years.

Kenneth Marks
Retired Businessman
Lincolnton, North Carolina

He disfrutado inmensamente de tu libro. Me hizo recordar cosas que tenía medio olvidadas--como los cuentos de mi familia sobre la época de Machado; y otros datos y anécdotas no los conocía--como lo de los "palmacristazos." Interesante la anécdota sobre Chibás y su consigna.

Gustavo Pérez Firmat
David Feinson Professor of Humanities at Columbia University. He is the author of “Next Year in Cuba” and several books of literary and cultural criticism, four collections of poetry, a novel and a memoir.